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Understanding in Brief About Notary Public

We all have heard of getting documnets notarized but might not have a very clear idea about the job or the person. It is, simply explained, an official of integrity generally employed by the state government to work as an unbiased witness to different official fraud-deterrent acts associated with the signing of confidential and important documents. The assigned person is termed as called a notary public.

notary public los angeles_AA Documents Services

A notary public of Los Angeles is responsible for screening the signers of important documents for their original identity, their keenness to sign without coercion and their awareness about the contents of the documents.

This public officer employed by the state government only serves the public in non-contentious matters and should not be confused with civil-law notaries. So, it is not just about stamping documents but are responsible for some serious document paper works.

The common areas where the notary is used involve:

  • estates
  • deeds
  • trusts
  • affidavits
  • powers-of-attorney
  • wills
  • licenses
  • contracts
  • loan documents

Although, a notary is supposed to be present while any of these documents are signed; however, there can be cases when they are signed first and then presented to the notary public by the signer to get it authenticated.

What does Notary Public of Los Angeles do?

There are some particular activities that any notary officer should abide by. They are:

  • verify the identity of the person(s) who will be signing the documents
  • go through a valid and reasonable conversation with the signer(s) to understand whether or not the sign is in favor of their will or not
  • witness the entire signing event
  • administer an oath to the signer(s) as it is a mandate by the documentation rule
  • check all of the notary-specific elements of the document and also do the needful correction
  • complete the necessary parts of the documents if anything is missing
  • sign and place the official seal once entirely complete
  • take thumbprint if it is still a mandate according to the state rules

‘Doing Business At The Speed of Los Angeles and Orange Counties’, the dedicated team of aadocumentservices will help to make the notarization services easier for you. Visit or dial 725-333-2335 to know more about the services and why they are trusted as the most convenient option when it comes to notarization of paper works. Get a free consultation to know more about your queries.

Till Nothing can do us Apart!

They say “marriages are made in heaven”. True that – but yet the procedure has to undergo through a lot of legal steps to obtain a licensed proof for the bond that is anyway made in heaven. Marriage licenses came into scenario long back and gradually the steps and processes kept on getting modified. To get a marriage permitted to be legalized, it is mandatory everywhere to file and get it licensed.

marriage license in Los Angeles_aa document services

The procedure to get a license differs from country to country. To get a marriage license in Los Angeles needs either of the two processes – online application or applying in-person at the Registrar’s office. The interested couple has to apply atleast 15days before the d-day. The documents needed for both the bride and the groom are one valid photo ID, full legal name, date of birth and date of issue. The marriage license gets expired after 90 days of issue, so tie the knot within that period.

There are several service providers in Los Angeles where you can issue for marriage license. However, AA Document Services stands out for the fact that it provides jail marriage services at Southern California jails, prison, courts and detention centers. There are some strict rules for jail marriage, visit for details on the same.

Situations That Call For Live Scan Fingerprinting Services

Digital method of background check is of high demand as it is a quick process and ensures high accuracy. Typically, fingerprints are acquired using Biometrics commonly referred to as electronic scanners. Depending on the type of requests, the impressions are further sent to the client or to the requesting agency.


People call agents for LiveScan fingerprinting services in Los Angeles to make sure that the impressions are accurate in every aspect. There are several occasions when an individual needs such a service. On categorizing the causes, there seems to be two broad divisions with multiple subcategories.

Here are all the common situations listed for you that may help you in understanding the reasons to call a fingerprinting service –

  1. By request of a requesting agency
  • At the time of issuing professional license like medical license, attorney license, dental license, contractor’s license, therapist license, Certified Public Accountant, Pharmacist license and so on.
  • While giving any kinds of certification or permit viz. teacher credential, petition for adoptions, custodian of records, security guard permit, permit to carry a concealed weapon and finance lender license.
  • Reviewing volunteer positions or job applications such as credentialed school employees, teaching positions or staffs looking after elderly people or children.
  1. Personal requests for obtaining background records
  • On or before submitting an immigration application as you need to show a proof of good conduct to the concerned authority.
  • Before applying for visa with a motive to travel abroad for job or study purpose.
  • In case you have a wish to check your personal information to ensure there is no integrated criminal records with your fingerprint impression.
  • At times, some attorneys ask their clients to perform a background check so that working on the case turns easier for them.

All the above reasons possess significance of their own. If you are in any of these states, intelligence lies in opting for a LiveScan fingerprinting services. With AA Document Services offering exclusive facilities, there no need to look here and there. It has the most efficient employees to take care of your fingerprint impressions. Also, all the equipment as used by the firm is all up-to-date. Feel free to call at 725-333-2335 if you are in need of an urgent fingerprinting service. For free consultation, avail the Live Chat opportunity as offered by the company.

7 things you need to know about notary public

Concerns over fraudulent activities are not new to any of us and it is more so when it involves official documents. An official of integrity employed by the state government is thus possibly a safe way out to get legal documents signed.

notary public California

The basic steps carried out by any notary public of California:

  • validate the identity of the applicant(s) who sign before them
  • have legal, valid and reasonable conversation with the signer(s) to completely understand if the sign is against their will or not
  • observe the signing event
  • administer an oath to the signer(s) which is a mandatory requirement under the documentation rule
  • check all of the notary-specific documents, do the needful correction or alteration, fill up the necessary parts of the documents and add if anything is missing
  • sign and put the official seal
  • according to the rules of some states, thumbprint might be necessary along with the signature

AA Document Services is a leading mobile notary service of L.A. anybody can get in touch with the skilled notary public team at 1-888-547-3398 or fill up the form on From various services like marriage license estate planning, live scan fingerprinting, background checking, mobile notary, they offer authentic documentation services with complete confidence.

Know why Fingerprinting is no more a Hassle

What happens during the procedure is your fingerprints are “rolled” across a glass plate which gets scanned. In a nutshell, it is a more accurate, cleaner and faster process than the old ink and roll method.

jwj Fingerprints 0618

Before getting into the details of livescan fingerprinting, let us understand a percentage of the population have difficulty to make their fingerprints read. This is majorly caused by age or exposure to certain types of work which involves chemical or construction jobs. To get the scanned fingerprints for difficult or weary lines, it needs state-of-the-art equipment along with highly trained staffs to get the output. It goes without saying how the old, traditional method of rubbing ink in hand and getting imprinted wouldn’t work at all in such scenarios. Not just that livescan would give a clearer image, it eliminate the scope of the other messy procedure of ink hand prints.

Background of Live Scan

A legislation passed in 1997 by the Department of Justice (DOJ) prompted in the development of automated background check process that required digitized fingerprints or as called live scan. The procedure helped save both time and money.

Process of the Live Scan

As discussed above, the digitalized format of capturing the fingerprints is a way easier process than what used to be. The candidate needs to fill up a form with all the required personal details before a live scan operator starts his job. He or she might be asked to present authentic identification prior to the scan post which the qualified law enforcement personnel or certified fingerprint roller will do the scanning.

Generally speaking, the following identification papers are required for livescan fingerprinting:

  • Three filled up copies of the request for Live Scan form
  • Cash or valid credit card
  • Valid driver’s license

How important is the procedure?

In most of the U.S. states, it has almost become a mandate to perform the inkless fingerprinting irrespective of the person being a child, elderly, physically disabled or the mentally ill. It goes without saying how fast and rational background checking has become with this digital fingerprinting

Speaking in terms of work and time value, it eliminates the concept of time theft. Companies which might need fingerprinting records earlier had to check with the manually taken records which cost tremendous loss to the companies. Calculating this lost time, and how it impacts the bottom line, livescan fingerprinting, seems to be a boon.

The modern day scanners use Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS) that can read the more accurate, minutiae and discernable patterns created through advanced surround imaging technology. It also paves way for a faster and rational background check option that can help identify immediately if there is any unwanted disruption to the protected elements of the society.

Last, but nor the least, ink fingerprinting took nearly two months to get the results. The digitalized scanning option releases the record as fast as within 72 hours. The records of the scanned fingerprints are sent immediately to the Department of Justice which processes the details and shelves the information accurately.

While minimizing the labor costs, live scanning of fingerprints have helped to create faster and more accurate records for all purposes.

Understanding Livescan Fingerprinting

We all know our fingerprints are unique. Based on this, fingerprinting has been made an acceptable method of personal identification and verification. The procedure is also used for official purposes and today, it is used with technological advances to make it one of the main stages of personal identification methodology.


Live Scan Fingerprinting which is commonly called Live Scan is a simple procedure. In this, all one has to do is scan his/her fingers electronically and send to the department for verification. Using a Live Scan machine, a trained and certified technician will get all your fingers scanned. The entire procedure takes no more than five to ten minutes to get it recorded.

The new age identification

To start with, this uber smart procedure has some major advantages, specially in the field of verifying identities and fighting forgery. Surround imaging technology can generate more minutiae, precise, and discernable patterns easily read by Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS). This state of the art technique is a more concise yet simpler option for capturing and retrieving fingerprint data.

Irrespective of being elderly, physically disabled, mentally ill or a child, almost all the states have now made live scan of fingerprinting a mandatory step. This quick and cost-effective background check option helps to notify immediately if there is any foreign disruption to the protected elements of the society.

Also, livescan fingerprinting leaves little chance to toy with the black printer’s ink. So unlike the older times, there’s hardly any chance of the ink getting loitered all over the page. The most important point is the fact how it has eliminated all the scopes of human or mechanical error through the livescan procedure. So getting misidentified based on the fingerprints is a thing of past. Lastly, the entire ordeal of recording the fingerprints and getting them printed from the lab used to take weeks or sometimes months. With the entire process made digitalized, it takes no more than 72 hours to verify and authenticate the fingerprints by the receiving agency.

There are a number of reasons why AA Document Services have been one of the most trusted names in the field of notarization services. They know how to ‘do business at the speed of Los Angeles and Orange Counties’, works 24/7, makes the signature procedure quick and easy and most importantly, maintains the confidentiality.

How to get Married in Jail in LA

At most Southern California prisons, jails, detention centers and courts, there is facility to conduct jail marriage services. The marriage process is done quickly following some simple government rules. It can take a few days to several weeks to get the license depending on the regulations of the facility.

Mexico Prison Wedding

As it sounds, the entire event is carried out is a much regulated manner where it is not possible for the inmates to travel to a notary or marriage register office. This is when it is important to get the services of mobile marriage in Los Angeles.

Getting married in Los Angeles

  • apply for a marriage license at the County Clerk office or Registrar-Recorder
  • pre-stamped forms from the Recorder’s office is the new mandate
  • depending upon where the inmate is incarcerated, the marriage authorization should be applied
  • mobile notary conducts the sign and paperwork
  • buy the marriage license from the respective office

If you need wedding officiates who are bonded, certified, insured and have verified background, get in touch with the team of AA Document Services LLC. The experienced person will get all the formalities done in timely manner while maintaining the decorum of the facility.

4 Undeniable Benefits of Mobile Notary Services

There can be plenty of reasons why you need a notary service. Be it for personal or professional reason, the notarized documents can be needed for any purpose.

Having to head to an off-site location to get the documents notarized can be often a hassle. If you are wondering what would be the reasons for considering mobile notary services in Los Angeles, here’s the list of the advantages to look for:


Efficient transactions

Passing through the congested areas and all through the traffic is often a very frustrating thing to do. Instead of spending travel time to the office or other locations, let the notary people visit at your choice of location. More importantly, these mobile notary services would follow your schedule. While some offices may be closed after some time or on weekends, you can make appointment for an after-hours visit with the notary professionals.

Location limitations

Having stated how convenient is the time factor, it is also beneficial for those who cannot travel to places. For instance for bed-ridden patients or elderly witnesses, it can often be too tiresome to travel to the notary office and get the work done. The onsite notary services are equally advantageous for the ones at the living center or hospital.

Reasonable cost

Depending on the state law, the cost of the mobile notary may vary. The maximum fee is different under different jurisdictions and the professionals can charge accordingly. For mobile notary, there is often a charge for travel time or the mileage (depending on the center or the person). But if you can parallel the value of time, you will feel you spent much less as compared to the money you might have missed in business opportunities.


Often, even when money is not a constraint, it becomes difficult to get the appointment, or miss to reschedule a day’s work to go to the notary office. The mobile notary options are thus getting extremely popular amongst the busy people. Also, if you are in a place where the availability of the notary services is scarce, the mobile notary personnel are always a call away.

If you need to have documents certified, get in touch with the team of Speak or text anytime 24/7 at 725-333-2335. To know more about their professional services, visit Get professional and reliable services from their team of experts.

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