Get Error Free Fingerprint Information with Live Scan Services

Live scan Fingerprinting is the new age way of collecting the fingerprint records. It is an inkless electronic verification which is required by the Department of Justice to check for the criminal record. Although some states still require ink fingerprinting, the electronic version has a lot more advantages.

Benefits of Live Scan fingerprinting services

The basic benefit of the live scan process is it helps to avoid all those problems associated with ink print such as smearing, smudging and/or under/over inking. Moreover, it helps to transmit the fingerprint information directly from the system to the Department of Justice. This leaves little scope of data manipulation. Last but not the least, the results are sent within 24 to 72 hours to the licensing agency or whichever required department.

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The process of Live Scan fingerprinting is less cumbersome than the other traditional process.

A certified technician brings a live scan machine which takes around five to ten minutes to get the fingerprints. It is then immediately sent to the authorized agencies for background processing. The technician has a denoted fee which he collects and the job is done.

Being aware

Although there are hundreds of live scan fingerprinting services, it is necessary to look for experienced providers so to avoid any chance of fraudulence. How do you know it is a reliable agency? They would offer quick turnaround time and send the information to your employer at the right time.

For legal information, it is important to have the records of your finger prints. Live Scan fingerprinting is often required for various documentations and AA Document Services have skilled people to help you get the scan done..


Getting a Marriage License Los Angeles

If anyone is planning to get married in Los Angeles, including Malibu down the coast to Long Beach and the inland through the downtown to Panoma, they would need to obtain marriage license from Los Angeles County. Although a happy event, there are certain formalities involved in the wedding ceremony.

Let’s a brief outline about the fundamentals of marriage license Los Angeles:



There are two types of wedding licenses that is issued in Los Angeles County – Confidential Marriage License and Public Marriage License. It does not involve any form of blood or medical tests but a government ID and the fees are needed.

For any marriage license in Los Angeles County, one would need:

  • Active government-issued I.D. which can be certified birth certificate, passport, driver’s license, or baptismal record with I.D
  • All the documents should be in English. If it is in any other language, the documents must be submitted in a notarized English version duly done by a certified translator
  • Both the groom and the bride must be unmarried. Until the final day of dissolution, the previous marriage is considered valid.
  • provide a copy of dissolution or annulment papers if there was any previous marriage
  • payment for the marriage license can be done with check or cash or through card (debit or credit)

The involved parties can get the marriage licenses either immediately or in the next 90 days. After the couple gets married, they must return the marriage license to be recorded. For anyone less than 18 years of age should provide with the notarized consent from guardian in order for the minor to obtain a marriage license. There are mobile marriage notary services available that can come down to either your office or your home and get the document notarized.

AA Document Services is a leading mobile notary service of L.A. You can get in touch with the skilled team at 1-888-547-3398 or fill up the form on Not only just for marriage license, they also have services such as estate planning, live scan fingerprinting, background checking, mobile notary and more.

Livescan and its Requirements

Securing a criminal background check before any certification, employment or licensure is a mandate for any organization. It helps to evaluate the applicant prior to entrusting him/her with the responsibility of the position.

Going by the definition of the process, livescan fingerprinting is a process which uses the digital fingerprinting process instead of the traditional ink fingerprinting method. The applicant’s fingerprints are securely sent to the government agency that is responsible for doing the further criminal or history background check.

The process is simple. The candidate needs to complete a form with all the asked personal details and take it to a live scan operator. On presenting appropriate identification, qualified law enforcement personnel or certified fingerprint roller performs the process of identification.

One of the basic advantages of live scan is that there is no scope of smearing or smudging of ink. Moreover, as the records are sent directly to the concerned authority, there is little scope of any data manipulation. The results are sent within one to three working days. Overall, the entire process saves both time and money as compared to the traditional procedure.

The either of the following documents is required for performing a livescan:

  • Three filled up copies of the request for Live Scan form
  • Cash or valid credit card
  • Valid driver’s license

As one of the leading firms of notary services, AA Document Services has a skilled team of individuals who can help you get the legal certification done. Get in touch with the team at 888-547-3398 or visit their website to know about their services.

3 Reasons For Choosing a Living Trust?

A living trust is a legal document with which your property will be placed to a trust during your lifetime and after that to your heirs. Nowadays, the popularity of living trust is rising properly.

Would you like to learn why to choose it while ‘will’ is a good option? Have a look at the following points:

  1. Avoids probate:

One of the first benefits of living trust is that it avoids probate. With a will, your estate will go through probate, the court proceedings and so many things. On the other side, a living trust does not go through a probate that means a faster distribution of your assets among your heirs.

  1. Saves your money:

While a will cost less to draft than living trust forms, the later one saves your estate money at the time of your death. It is because the distribution of the assets in the trust will not go through probate.

  1. Provides privacy:

One big difference the two is the level of privacy. While the living trust offers it, a will does not. As it is not made public, after your death, it will be distributed in private. As a will is a public record, all transactions will be public.

Beyond the mentioned benefits, another one is that a living trust is written so that your trustee can automatically jump into the driver’s seat if you are too-ill.

After going through all the aforementioned points, would not you like to hire professionals for preparing a living trust? Obviously, ‘yes’. There are several ones to choose from. However, to ensure quality services, choose AA Document Services. They have years of experience in this field and offer paramount services. For further queries, call them at or visit at

Benefits of Live Scan Fingerprinting

Live Scan Fingerprinting

The fundamental truth that all of our fingerprints are unique has made fingerprinting an acceptable method of personal identification and verification. With the tremendous technological advances made in the field of forensic science, Live Scan Fingerprinting which is commonly called ‘Live Scan’ has made onto the main stage of personal identification methodology. With this procedure, it has been made possible for a fingerprint to be taken electronically and sent to the required department for identification. Using a Live Scan machine, a trained and certified technician will get all your fingers scanned. The electronic fingerprinting session generally takes five to ten minutes to get recorded.

The procedure, as smart as it sounds, has some major advantages in the field of fighting forgery and identification.


Firstly, unlike the older times, there is no chance to toy with the black printer’s ink. Secondly, and most importantly, there is absolutely no chance of human or mechanical error. There have been many instances of when the inked fingerprints on the identification cardsused to be misidentified, this is now a thing of past. Lastly, the entire ordeal of taking the fingerprints and returning from the processing lab used to take months in the earlier days, which is now a matter of days. Live Scan has digitalized the entire process and now it takes no more than 72 hours to verify and authenticate the fingerprints by the receiving agency and return to the source.

Almost all US states have now made live scan fingerprinting a mandate, even for the elderly, children, physically disabled, and the mentally ill. This quick and cost-effective background check option helps to notify those of concern immediately if there is any foreign disruption to the protected elements of society.

Surround imaging technology can generate more minutiae, precise, and discernable patterns easily read by automated fingerprint identification systems (AFIS). This state of the art technique is simpler and more succinct option for capturing and retrieving fingerprinting data.

The professional team at AA Document Services will help you get all the customized paperwork done for estate planning with the Live Scan. Visit their website to know more about their dedicated services. Call 888-547-3398 for a satisfactory and reliable paperwork service.

Discover the Benefits of Mobile Notary Services

Legal requirements have become a part and parcel of the modern society. It is used to authenticate your identity, apply for licenses, passports and a lot more. With the rapid growth of technology, legal services have gone digital. Now, people are relying on the power of the internet and digital technologies to complete several legal formalities, securely and timely. One of the common legal requirements that are in huge demand is notary services.

Notary agents are responsible for notarizing various legal documents which are necessary to complete legal formalities. Although the requirements of notary agents are high, so is the competition between them. In order to retain their clients and stay ahead of the competition, mobile notary services came into existence. Mobile notary agents can visit their client’s location and get their documents notarized. Whether you would like to meet your notary agent in your resident, office, jail or court, they will be present wherever and whenever you would like to meet them.

Some of the phenomenal benefits of hiring a mobile notary agent are:

  • You can avoid several fraudulent practices by notarizing legal documents in front of the notary public.
  • Mobile notary agents understand the value of your time. They can visit your preferred place as per your convenient time.
  • It becomes a hassle for millions of people to access the service of notary agents when they live further away from the city. Mobile notary agents can travel to distant and remote locations to provide you service.

Today, there are several companies available which provide nonpareil mobile notary services. AA Document Services LLC is one of the companies which you can rely on. To learn more, visit or call 1-888-547-3398

Receive Notary Services like No Other

People generally tend to stay away from legal hassles, but there are some legal requirements which you cannot overlook. These legal formalities can help you to authenticate important documents and provide legal validity. One of the crucial legal requirements which are in persistent demand is notary services. Notary agents are responsible for notarizing your legal documents. In order to help their clients, notary agents have now gone mobile. They can now travel to the client’s place, whether it is office, home, cafe, beach or jail, in order to notarize their documents.

But, before you decide to opt for the services of a mobile notary public in Los Angeles, you should learn about some of the pertinent benefits. Here, you will learn three of the most important advantages of hiring a mobile notary agent:


  • Flexibility of time:

Mobile notary publics are available at your service whenever you need them. Whether you need their assistance during the early morning hours, or during late night, they will reach your place as per your convenience.

  • Fraud Prevention:

Their primary responsibility is to prevent fraud. Illegal and fraudulent practices can be kept at bay, if documents are notarized in front of a notary public.

  • Availability:

Although there are more than 4.5 million notaries operating in the US, yet it becomes difficult for people living in rural areas to get access to their services. In such a scenario, mobile notaries are the only reliable option. They can travel to far off places, in order to notarize your documents.

There are many companies which provide unparalleled mobile notary services. AA Document Services LLC is one of the companies which you can rely on. To learn more, visit or call 1-888-547-3398

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